Discussions Forum Quickstart Guide

This guide will introduce you to the basic usage of Tech-FIT.net Discussion forums.

1. Accessing the Discussions

1. The login screen

The discussions can be accessed directly via www.tech-fit.net/discussions/

You will be provided with a login name of the firstname_lastname format along with a password.  If you lose your login info, click HERE reset your password. You can reset your password by entering either your login name or email address.  Note that it will send reset instructions to the email address linked to your TechFIT Profile (which, unless you’ve changed it, is whatever email address you originally provided to us).

You can change your password and email address at anytime. (see 2. Your Profile)

2. Your Profile

2. Your Profile

Your profile allows you to share information about yourself with others as well as change important account info such as password and email address.

When logged into the discussion forums, you can edit your profile by clicking “Edit Profile” in the Forum Header.  Also you can click HERE to edit your profile.

In your profile you can:

  • Upload a Profile Picture that will appear beside all of your posts.
  • Create a Nickname and change your Display Name that will appear beside all of your posts.
  • Add Biographical Info that will appear as a signature beneath all of your posts. (we recommend adding something simple such as your Role, Department and School/Industry)
  • Change your account Email Address. (this will be needed if you reset your password, or use the “Subscribe” Forum Button to receive email updates when people post to a specific discussion thread/topic)
  • Create a New Password.
  • Add any extra contact info – Website, Chat, etc. (other registered users can view when they click on your Display Name in the forums.)

3. The Discussion Forums

3. The Discussion Forums

TechFIT Discussions contains the main set of forums in which all registered users can view, reply and post new topics.

Upon logging in you will be presented with an overview of all Discussion Forums.  Clicking on the blue Forum title will take you to a list of that Forum’s Topics.

Here you browse and reply to existing discussion topics or you can click on New Topic to start a new discussion thread.
(sorry there is no guide image of this Topics list page)

Creating your own “New Topic” or clicking on a Topic Title will take you to the Discussion Thread view (see image 4. A Discussion Thread).  Here you can view the discussion based on that topic and post your own replies as well.

Each New Topic creates a new thread for discussion, so if you have an interesting topic that you’d like to let people talk about, just post it as a New Topic.

4. A Discussion Thread

Discussions are organic and evolving so it’s okay to post things that are off-topic. However, if the conversation strays far away from the originating topic and has come to a whole new exciting topic of conversation – it would be a good idea for someone to post it as a New Topic.  This way it can have it’s own dedicated thread of discussion and will show up as it’s own topic in the Forum.

You can always EDIT anything that you have posted.  Unfortunately, you cannot delete or move your posts.  If you would like to delete your post or if you have created a Topic that is perhaps in the wrong forum – a forum moderator can take care of it, just let us know.

5. Formatting Your Posts

The forum uses a plain text editor.  It is very basic, however you can apply some formatting by using specific tags.  Just add the tags, displayed below in red, around the text that you wish to apply that formatting to.

[b]this text is bold[/b]
[i]this text is italic[/i]
[u]this text is underlined[/u]
[s]this text is strikethrough[/s]

[code]this can contain all sorts of HTML, Javascript etc. code and it will be displayed as plain text.  Useful for sharing code snippets with others.[/code]

[*]your first list item
[*]your second list item
[*]your third list item


6. Further Assistance

If you need help or experience any technical issues, please post in the TechFIT Discussions > Technical Issues and Suggestions forum.

If you cannot access that forum or need assistance with private issues such as username, passwords, etc. please email [email protected] for further assistance.