NEWS: FIT at 2010 NSF-ATE Principal Investigators Conference

“Building a Diverse and Entrepreneurial Workforce”

Tech-FIT's Karen Pearson @ NSF-ATE Conference 2010

Karen Pearson @ NSF-ATE 2010

Tech-FIT's Elaine Maldonado @ NSF-ATE Conference 2010

Elaine Maldonado @ NSF-ATE 2010

October 2010

Karen Pearson and Elaine Maldonado presenting TECH-FIT at the Friday, October 29 Project Showcase.  See abstract from conference program publication:

“The TECH-FIT project promotes “thinking green” across the curriculum. Specifically focused on introductory science, it is intended to better prepare FIT graduates to meet industry demands for the design, development, and manufacture of green and sustainable products such as textiles, toys, home products, cosmetics and packaging.”

Both investigators facilitated “Birds of a Feather” round table discussions on Thursday, October 28. Karen Pearson facilitated the table on Energy Production and Energy Efficiency and Elaine Maldonado facilitated the table on Teacher Preparation. Outcomes of the table discussions were presented at the closing Plenary and will be published in the upcoming conference proceedings.

More information about this conference is available here.

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